wpXtreme 1.1.1 is Now Available And Brings You Extensions
written by Matteo Duò on Monday 4 November, 2013 | 6 months ago

Introducing eXtensions

Today is a pretty happy day for us and all of you Xtremers out there because we’re releasing wpXtreme 1.1.1, the freshly coded version of our plugin, which introduces an exquisite new feature: Extensions.

What are Extensions?

wpXtreme Extensions are plugin modules that enhance single plugins with specific features and give users a smooth buying experience, similar to the in-app purchase experience from the APP Store you may already be familiar with. To clearly understand how extensions can empower a plugin, try to imagine this: you already use CleanFix, our insanely easy-to-use plugin for keeping WordPress clean, but you aren’t backing up your database. With a single extension “attached” to CleanFix, which you’d need to download from WPX Store (soon available), you’ll be totally able to perform a full backup of your WordPress database.

Extensions are plugins’ best friends because they enrich plugins by adding new and custom features to core functionality. And Extensions tickle developers’ pockets too because they can be built on ANY plugins available on the WPX Store; that’s to say, you can extend plugins’ functionality even though you’re not the developer of those same products. Kinda nice, uh?

Where do I find Extensions?

Extensions - WPX Store

To offer a seamless navigation experience and make users quickly browse for extensions, we implemented a little new icon on each plugin’s card within the WPX Store homepage (see image). If you wish to see whether a plugins offers 1 or more extensions, you just need to look up for this icon.

In addition, each wpXtreme plugins now has a new system menu item with a new tab eXtensions, and you can easily spot it right above the About tab as shown below:

eXtensions Sub Menu

Under the hood

Along with several bug fixing and improvements, we worked on:

  • Updated WPDK framework to stable 1.3.1
  • Fixed potential bugs with WordPress 3.7
  • Fixed several conflicts with Javascript library
  • Fixed broken layout after quick edit on posts/page
  • Experimental: Added constant WPXTREME_MENU to temporary hide the wpXtreme menu
  • Several improves in code style, performance and graphics layout

For more detailed information, please check the changelog.

One last note to let you know, wpXtreme is totally compatible with WordPress 3.7.1, which got released some days ago.

It’s now your turn: download wpXtreme 1.1.1 or update it through your WordPress dashboard to bring all these new features, improvements and enhancements to you. If you aren’t an Xtremer yet, sing up for a new account and start taking WordPress to the next level right away. It’s all completely free!

Keep it Xtreme!

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  1. Bora says:

    Does the extension for new bannerize mean that the older ads can be transferred seamlessly into the new bannerize plugin with the importer?
    Thank you.

    1. Nicola Ballotta says:

      Hi Bora, yes with the importer you can transfer your banners from the old WP Bannerize (the one on the WordPress repository), to the new one. You need to install the new Bannerize (wpXtreme version) and after that, the Bannerize Importer extension. If you need help, feel free to contact our support!

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