A small present for you: Cleanfix plugin is now available for free!
written by Nicola Ballotta on Tuesday 8 January, 2013 | 3 years ago

We’ve been having an awesome beginning of 2013, actually: more than 700 downloads for the wpXtreme plugin, a lot of interesting feedbacks, some partnerships coming: a real satisfaction, which represents a new start in our journey.

We are perfectly aware that only a few assets are currently present in our store and that this is the right time for us to populate it with the best plugins on the market, with themes coming soon. To this end, we’re working with valuable developers and coding hard. Already in q1 2013, you can expect several announcements.

In the meantime, to reward your patience (and to wish you an happy new year), we’ve decided to give you a small present: on the WPX Store, we offer Cleanfix for free!

Cleanfix is the wpXtreme porting for one of the first plugins we’ve ever developed on WordPress. On one hand, it provides specific tools to maintain and optimize WordPress. On the other hand, it enables users to check all of the settings in a all-in-one dashboard. On wordpress.org, the plugin has been downloaded 75k times to date. Given that, I assure you that it is a great tool; its price was fixed at $15, but starting today, you can download it for free.

To try Cleanfix signup for WPX Store and download the wpXtreme plugin following our “Get Started” guide!

11 Responses

  1. Matteo says:

    Wp clean fix is still on wordpress.org repository or not?

    1. Nicola Ballotta says:

      Hello Matteo, we had a security problem on the wordpress.org repository version, so we had to remove it. We are investigating and trying to find a solution, in the meanwhile, the best solution is to download wpXtreme Plugin and download Cleanfix from the store!

  2. ImThatBored says:

    It no longer empties Spam messages? That was a good part of script. Can you not make a feature where you refresh all so you can clean easier without having to reload the plugin over and over?

    1. Nicola Ballotta says:

      Hello, this version of CleanFix does not implement spam messages cleaning. We are working on some CleanFix extensions to empower the plugin, so keep in touch!

  3. doudou lebo says:


    Clean & Fix V1.0.5 do not optimize anything on InnoDB tables
    I still have at the moment

    Is this normal ?


  4. Mike Shinoda says:

    i click the fix buttons and clean fix doesn't work at all even though I've installed wpxtreme and downloaded the plugin via your store

    this is awfull, I've uninstalled and moved to similar plugins

    1. Matteo Fantuzzi says:

      Hi Mike, have you got uninstalled the wordpress.org CleanFix version first? After that, you can proceed. Let me know the problem is solved!

  5. Manuel says:

    I think you guys blew it.

    The old WP CleanFix was a good product. It performed a useful purpose, and did the job well. Now, you have changed it completely to require installation of a whole wrapper module first if you just want the old product to run, and the new product does not provide the same functionality as the old one (the useful function of deleting junk messages from the database is now missing).

    That's going backwards in a big way. To keep the product useful and appealing, keep it stand-alone, add compatibility with the new version of WP, and maybe continue to add useful features to it.

    1. Nicola Ballotta says:

      Hi Manuel,
      thanks for your comment.

      CleanFix was a stand alone plugin we created years ago, when wpXtreme wasn't even in our minds. But then we created this startup which is based on several (we think) key elements
      such as the wpXtreme plugin and the WPDK framework.

      Because of this choice, all of our products previously available for free on wordpress.org (aka the promo versions today available), will be discontinued and made available as full featured plugins only for wpXtreme users (through the WPX Store). This is a business choice we took when we started wpXtreme, Inc.

      In the upcoming weeks we're releasing a newer and paid version for those who haven't yet downloaded CleanFix from the WPX Store (aka new wpXtreme users) which will be featuring several features such as the function of deleting junk messages from the database along with other improvements.

      Since you've already downloaded CleanFix from our wpXtreme plugin, you'll be able to upgrade to its latest full versions completely for FREE and for the time being.

      When you want something so badly, it's hard to be told so but… you should wait a little longer for the new CleanFix to be available as a download.

  6. cem says:

    hello. plugin. perfect and i am used old version for old wp version BUT blank page when I activate the plugin now. why?

    1. Nicola Ballotta says:

      Hello cem, can you please contact our support? They will help you solving your problems!

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