Issue Reporting as a Development Tool
written by Matteo Duò on Thursday 8 August, 2013 | 2 years ago

How to report an issue [wpXtreme]

When you develop a new product, even if you’re great in what you do, its first releases will always be affected by issues you’d never been able to discover in advance. That’s why a single software product or a web service has to live many “lives” among its development, starting from its alpha version to its latest.

To help developers deploy an improved version of the software, thus a better product, users are always kindly requested to submit issues as soon as these occur. Issue reporting is a critical phase in software development and it’s vital to provide developers with as much and detailed information as you can, any time you run into a problem.

In our wpXtreme plugin reporting issues is taken, as we like to say, to the next level. Let’s see how easily and quickly this is.

How To Report an Issue

As soon as you download and successfully activate our plugin, you’ll be able to see the wpXtreme tab appearing in the left sidebar of your WordPress installation. From there, you can navigate to the Control Panel, from which you can easily control everything you’ve already downloaded from the WPX Store, and you should see the Issue Report icon.

Simply click on it. Now the issue report process is activated and it will create a single log file with all the information and debug messages related to your WordPress installation.

Once the issue report process gets activated, you should reproduce all the actions and activities that you were performing right before the issue occurred: click on menu items, create a new post/page, edit some code. Anything preceding the issue you’re trying to report to us is a good candidate.

In most cases, you’ll be able to successfully reproduce the problem so, as the issues again takes place, you just need to get back to the wpXtreme Control Panel and click again on the Issue Report icon to stop the recording of your debug messages.

Pretty simple, right?

If you aren’t an Xtremer yet and would like to take your WordPress to the next level, become a new wpXtreme user and sing up for a new account today. It’s completely free!

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