Cleanfix Update: Find and Replace WordPress Post Meta Keys

As you may have seen, the last version of Cleanfix (our great plugin to keep clean your WordPress database) has a new useful tool; indeed, if you go under tools section you can find a tab called Postmeta. What are post meta keys? Quoting the WordPress Codex:

The post meta data is the “administrative” information you provide to viewers about each post.

Then, with this new Cleanfix tool you can find and replace WordPress meta keys in a flash! Probably this feature will be appreciated mainly by developers, but could be useful if you need to change certain plugin meta keys, without accessing the database directly.
Cleanfix Post Meta Key find and replace

Heartbleed OpenSSL security bug fixed

At wpXtreme we take security very seriously; as you may know, we never store your credit card informations and we take regularly security audits searching for bugs and issues.

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In the last days a big security hole was found in OpenSSL implementation of the SSL protocol, giving an attacker the ability to access certain portions of memory that could contain sensitive datas. The bug is pretty technical, so I don’t wanna annoy you with details; this post it’s only to inform you that we’ve audited and secured our servers against this bug.

As you can see here and here, we patched our website and our API endpoint. We also encourage you to change your password choosing a strongest one.

CTR and Impressions of your WordPress Banners with Bannerize Analytics!

Yes, you got it right! After tons of users requests and a couple of months of development and tests Bannerize Analytics is finally available!

As you may just know, Bannerize is a free banner and flash video ads manager for WordPress and one of the most famous wpXtreme plugins; starting from that, we have created the Analytics extension, a perfect way to filter, monitor and export all the stats of your banners.


Manage and Schedule Cron Job Events with WordPress

Today we want to share with you a great new plugin we have just published on wpXtreme: Cron Manager is a brand new product to manage any cron job of your WordPress site in the easiest way.


Ok, let’s step back for a while: what’s a cron job? In a few words, it’s a feature that enables WordPress to run programs, commands and many other actions at specified time.

Stripe and PayPal: safe way to buy WordPress plugins and themes

As every startup, last months we spent a lot of time choosing the best payment solutions for our store. We studied what market offers in terms of usability and security.

We ended up choosing Stripe and there are many reasons for our choice.

First of all, our objective was to give our users the most easy and friendly experience for payment. And Stripe simply does that. Besides that, thanks to its security system, Stripe provides a safe way to buy items on our marketplace. Last but not least, we are developers and Stripe it’s made for developers: easy to set and manage for us, easy to use for you.

So, enjoy it and trust it! Stripe empowers e-commerce of thousands sites across the web; their customers include large companies and fast-growing startups.

Ok, but I mentioned PayPal in the post title. Why? Because from the beginning of our project, many users asked to integrate PayPal as payment gateway and we are used to listen our customers: starting from today, we officially support any plugin or theme purchase using PayPal!

PayPal is a worldwide trusted gateway and in some countries is more or less considered the only safe way to buy online. How? It’s simple: you can use your PayPal account from our website (you will see the PayPal logo during the purchase process). At the moment we allow Paypal payments only from the front end; otherwise we are planning to add PayPal support also from wpXtreme plugin. Stay updated!

Enhance your WordPress Features with wpXtreme Plugin

From the beginning of wpXtreme project, our aim was to give WordPress Community not only a brand new store and a powerful framework for plugin development; wpXtreme plugin born about a year ago: it was huge and full of preferences. Most of them became free and paid plugins you can find in WPX Store.

Version after version, wpXtreme lost some preferences and enhanced some others: nowadays you can manage a nice set of features that changes your WordPress.


An easy way to Manage WordPress Shortcodes

As you might know, shortcodes are one of the most useful WordPress features: basically, with them and without any programming skill, everyone can manage a dynamic content.
In other words, placing a shortcode (usually shown between square brackets) is a very easy way to insert a dynamic content into the body of articles and pages, as you would do by inserting a PHP function in the rest of the theme of your website.

Well, we have used shortcodes from the beginning of our WordPress trip (years ago, 2008) and Shortcodes Manager is the result we are happy to announce today!

Check this video for a flash preview.

Breaking: Frontend Download available from Today

Howdy Xtremers, today I want to tell you something: at the beginning, we focused on our vision of wpXtreme and all the features we thought could be useful for WordPress users and its ecosystem. Luckily, we  early became aware that being self-referential could be dangerous for a startup: that’s why from the first days we considered (and in many cases scheduled) all the wpXtreme user’s suggestions and feature’s requests, converting them in tasks and milestones.

This is just an introduction for the real news I want to share with you today: as hundreds of wpXtreme users asked in the last months, today I am pretty proud to announce that it’s now possible to download and/or buy any product of our store directly from wpXtreme frontend website.

Upcoming Product: Statistics and Analytics for your Banners!

Yes, you got it right! By popular demand, we are going to make available a Bannerize extension that will please many of you! (haven’t you ever heard of Bannerize? See the product details here, for a quick introduction click here).
I’m talking about analytics, a fundamental tool if you need to monitor impression and click-through rate of banners of your WordPress site.

This feature, already appreciated in the old version of Bannerize (still available on WP repository, but almost abandoned), will be revived and enriched with a series of simple and useful tools, giving you the advantage to monitor performances and stat results of your banners.

Here is a first preview of the extension, which is currently in beta testing (wanna become a wpXtreme beta tester? Learn here how to do, it’s easy).

Once installed, this extension will add a new Bannerize menu item:

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